Researching with a user in a one way mirror lab.

Researching with a user in a one way mirror lab.

Hi, I’m Eduardo,

a digital native product designer that uses all the tools available to turn an idea into a product.

With a strong background in digital products and art direction, I can turn any idea into a great product with the best user interface.
Always seeking for a creative approach to real world inputs and problems, I design shiny products that fits in what the user and business expects, solving the demand with a custom experience. With my coding and motion skills I’m able to quickly prototype ideas to any device, visualizing and discussing the implementation with developers.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications, I’ve been part of Hewlett-Packard, Bora, BeHere, Grupo RBS and BEPiD. I’ve also run projects in workshop mode, creating cutting edge products for the mobile era. Feel free to drop a letter bellow so we can plan the next big thing.